The Document Connexion is committed to providing a high standard of work, timely completion of projects, giving our customers exactly what we say we will and never compromising on quality.

All projects are overseen by our hands-on operations and implementation project managers. We believe that our high standard of work is a direct result of our carefully selected resources and the high level of supervision that we provide for every project that we undertake.

We have an extensive network of experienced and qualified document controllers who know that if we are able to provide value, quality and excellence, then our business will prosper and we will be the best solution available.

The Document Connexion was founded by Yvonne Raubenheimer with a focus on managing paper and electronic documents in all business environments, corporate, programme and project levels, in the public and private sectors nationwide.

Whilst the company is relatively small, our collective expertise spans over many years spent doing document management, records management and document control, thus giving us the know-how of a much older, larger company.

Our services range from online and offsite document storage, document scanning and conversion, secure document destruction (shredding), to cloud storage electronic document management, consulting, as well as customization and implementation of records management programmes. Our range of services gives us the ability to be a one-stop shop for all document storage and document management requirements.

The Document Connexion helps businesses to manage their information more effectively. When it comes to managing information, our processes and systems can be adapted to suit any project and (or) business environment.


our operations

The Document Connexion (Pty) Ltd is committed to helping businesses manage their information more effectively. We help them to implement sound document management and records management processes and systems during the course of business.

Whether you use paper-based documents, electronic (digital) documents or both, we offer clients end-to-end solutions to manage the complete life cycle of all their information. The goal is to help our clients make some real efficiencies to manage and protect their information, make it more accessible, automate manual processes, reduce storage costs, maximize resources and transition smoothly to the paper-less office.

With the information age of smartphones, computers, tablets, internet, etc. that is rapidly changing the business world we operate in, we are well positioned to bridge the gap between paper-based storage and new electronic (digital) platforms.

We can help your business migrate from paper (hard copy) to a cloud storage electronic document management system (EDMS). This solution is ideal for businesses that have multiple offices with various levels of access requirements, or, that require remote access to information at any time, from anywhere, regardless of the number of users.

Our operations are national and international in nature, servicing clients of all sizes, with current sectors extending across South Africa into Mozambique.


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Our solutions deliver clear benefits to better manage and control information.

Here's Why!

Measures are put in place to prevent loss, damage and unauthorized access to information, better control of information and greater compliance with regulations

No record will be kept longer than the required period.

Information is better organized and controlled, eliminating duplication and misfiled information.

Full audit history of activities carried out on each document and record, in other words, a complete log of file movement.

Allowing instant access to accurate and up-to-date information all the time.

More efficient search capabilities are available … the time required to find important information is reduced and physical storage space is reduced.

Our strength is based on the expertise of our specialized team with decades of hands-on experience. We know that if we are able to provide value, quality and excellence, then we will prosper and we will be the best solution available!

Document Management & Records Management 100%
Document Storage & Archive Management 100%
System Design, Solution, Implementation & Training 100%
Document Lifecycle Management 100%
ISO Compliance Audits - 9001 | 14001 | 45001 100%
Electronic Document Management Systems 100%
Automation & Digitization 100%
Data Capture & Processing 100%

No matter what type of industry you’re in, the more you streamline your processes, the easier it will be to run your business!

We believe in keeping it simple and affordable!


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