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Welcome to The Document Connexion (Pty) Ltd

“An important re-engineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competencies and outsource everything else”. Bill Gates

Who Are We

We are a business improvement organization specializing in document management, records management and document control services and resources.

We don’t settle for anything other than excellence. We back our performance with dedicated professionals who know that if we are able to provide value, quality and excellence, then our organization will prosper and we will be the best solution available.

Our Mission

Our mission is to act as true subject matter experts, providing value to our customers by offering them the right information and solution to meet their distinct objectives.

We strive to become an integral part of our business partner’s document management and records management processes to help them reduce overheads, maximize resources and increase profits.

What We Do

Our business is managing your documents, helping create structure in your information environment, enabling information sharing and introducing ways to manage information as efficiently as possible from its creation to its classification, to its storage, retrieval and distribution, through to its preservation, archiving and eventual disposal.

Continuously focused on innovating, we believe in keeping it simple and affordable.

We Believe Our Solutions Will Work For You ..... Helping You To Find, Control And Optimize Your Information.

Our History

After working in the business and project environments for the past 30 years, Yvonne Raubenheimer realized that with rapidly changing times, the computer, regulatory requirements and new technology, more information is available today than ever before, and, managing this information presents a significant challenge for any organization, regardless of its size, or the industry it operates in.

It became apparent that the need for information governance is fast becoming more critical than ever before. As such there is a growing need to manage information not just in terms of the various formats or media types, but the information must be structured in such a manner that it is readily accessible to users and stakeholders within an organization for as long as it is required.

In order to address this very important need, Yvonne decided to establish The Document Connexion (Pty) Ltd with the vision to holistically manage an organization’s electronic files and paper documents, whilst ensuring that information security and best practices are consistently followed and maintained, thereby reducing the risk of compliance violations and associated costs.

Passionate about making a difference, bringing information to life, creating structure, streamlining processes, enabling information sharing and accessibility, as well as managing it as completely and efficiently as possible, THIS was the foundation of The Document Connexion.

From Challenges To Solutions Providing Governance Structure

Our 5-Phase Process

Approach taken to develop an electronic document and records management system that will digitize (scan), index, store, protect and manage documents and records, and, allow access to documents and records anytime, anywhere, as well as prepare records for archiving, disposal and transfer for the business.


Requirements Analysis

We conduct a requirements analysis and determine the status quo so that the business requirements are completely understood before providing a solution. This process is key to establishing the gaps and associated risks addressing both, paper and electronic documents and records.

We conduct a records inventory to locate and identify records needed to document the activities and functions of the business. We do this to help you manage your documents more efficiently in the future and to ensure that records are not kept beyond their required retention periods.

The analysis is done on site, during which time all requirements are documented.


Design & Development

We use the information obtained in phase one to determine the solution to satisfy the requirements and define the work execution plan for implementing the solution.

In order to achieve a successful document and records management programme, a sustainable document and records management infrastructure must be established. However, it will not simply be about the technology (i.e. tool), but it will also be about developing the document and records management policies and procedures for the document and records management framework.



This phase focuses on the execution of the plan delivered in phase two, i.e. providing the tools, processes and people as required. We implement the document and records management solution aligned to the overall business objectives by applying approved policies and practices, which ultimately become an integral and necessary part of the business.

We match records to a records schedule, clean out records beyond retention, organize records for importing, migration, scanning, etc. and for getting them into the system, classify and capture records, and prepare records for archiving, disposal and transfer.



This phase focuses on the training of the plan delivered in phase three, i.e. training users (on-site) in the correct usage of the tools and methodologies of the document and records management system as defined in the policies and procedures.

The training programme is tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the end user, and involves a focus on the basics of daily system utilization and hands-on training to ensure comfort with the new document and records management system.


Maintenance & Support

Document & records management systems require maintenance just like any other tool, which involves: maintaining documents and records on an ongoing basis, software upgrades, telephone, email and Skype support, on-site maintenance visits, additional training sessions, remote dial-in system access, system administration, etc.

Where organizations don’t have resources or don’t have resources with the necessary experience or skills, we provide document management professionals to manage and control all your documents in the business, project management offices and (or) construction site offices.

We evaluate & monitor solution compliance.


Detailed proposal which includes a gap analysis, strategy to implement an effective programme & implementation roadmap with prioritized list of actions.


Approved electronic filing management system for the storage and retrieval of documents and records, as well as a suite of approved policies and procedures for the document and records management system.


Sustainable, effective & compliant document and records management system.


Trained users accountable for management of documents and records that they are responsible for.


Ongoing support.

Completing the above phases will achieve the overall key objectives that result from establishing and implementing an overall document and records management system for the business:

  • Establishment of a consistent method for managing documents and records
  • Establishment of a single set of procedural documents for managing documents and records
  • Establishment of a consistent method of reporting on available documentation, status and other metadata
  • Establishment of a single electronic document and records management infrastructure for the business.

Why Choose Us?

Our business strength is due to our carefully selected resources who have an excellent track record, never compromising on quality and always providing a very high standard of work.

Our skills range from document and records management architecture development and setup, reporting platform, customization and system configuration, implementation and maintenance of electronic filing management systems, paper documents and electronic files, to information governance and best practice.

Proven experience in document management, records management, information management, document control, training, auditing, resource management, project management, leadership, setup, configuration and maintenance of document and records management systems with associated tools.

Computer skills cover Aconex, Oracle, Primavera, Livelink (OpenText), SharePoint, Unifier, Docwize, Adobe Professional, Domino.Doc, PM+, Microsoft Office Suite.

Our adoption of and compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems requirements enables us to operate efficiently and cost effectively, ensuring delivery of a quality service and maximized customer satisfaction.

We are very familiar with the requirement of the project and business (corporate) environments as we have extensive experience as subject matter experts in the field of document management and records management, as well as document control.

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