Digital transformation, defined as the 4th industrial revolution (4IR), is disrupting businesses around the world … it’s time to adapt!

Many small to medium sized businesses are starting to realize the benefits of having paper-based (hard copy) documents available electronically. A paper-less office is fast becoming a reality for many businesses. Increasingly more small to medium sized businesses are realizing the importance of having paper-based (hard copy) documents available in electronic (digital) format. Not only do electronic files help reduce physical storage costs, but they always provide instant access to information which is at the end of your fingertips.

Document scanning has turned out to be the most accepted solution for modern-day document and records management. For businesses who have a backlog of documents and thus trying to keep up with the exponential growing document storage needs, scanning is the most affordable solution.

Document scanning enables you to change your paper-based (hard copy) documents into a electronic (digital) format. These digital copies provide a number of benefits such as:

  • Instant access to your information all the time
  • Instant back-up of your paper-based documents
  • Reducing storage costs
  • Allowing you to find information quicker
  • No more misfiling
  • Easily share or restrict access to documents

It is a lot cheaper to convert paper-based documents to a digital image than it is to physically store them in a storage facility.

Recommended options to scan paper-based documents are either scanning all your archived documents at once, OR, scanning your documents as they are needed … the choice is yours, The Document Connexion can help you with both options. We offer a cost effective solution to meet your requirements.


We use the latest in scanning technology. Our scanners automatically recognize colour images and produce high-end quality digital images.

Documents are sorted, prepared by removing paper clips, staples, fixing dog ears, torn pages, etc., scanned and indexed. We provide a 100% quality checking service, during and after the scanning process, as well as a secure audit trail on your documents and files, from collection to completion through to shredding (document destruction).

document scanning


We can return your electronic files on DVD, USB or external hard drive. Alternatively, we can capture and upload to our cloud storage online electronic document management system (EDMS), enabling quick access to your documents and files from anywhere, with built-in quick search functionality.

Paper-based (hard copy) documents that have been scanned, can be returned to you, stored in our secure document storage facility or shredded. The choice is yours!

Our scanning bureau is combined with a secure document storage facility.

Adapt, Go digital … scan your paper-based documents and free up valuable resources.


In the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood or a global pandemic, such as COVID-19 with a national lockdown – compelling users to work remotely and allowing instant access to business information.

Free up space in your office and reallocate open space.

Eliminate misfiling and quickly find the information you need.

Documents and records never deteriorate or fade once scanned.

Eliminate the need to make photocopies.

Create an environment for users who work-on-the-go and who require instant access to their documents, records and information at any time, all the time.

Reduce storage and stationery costs, plus you now have quicker and easier access to documents.

Scanned (digitized) documents can be stored in the cloud, allowing increased security, productivity and efficiency in your business.

Easily access documents in cloud storage. Use any device (i.e. smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.) with an internet connection, from anywhere.

Go Digital, Go Electronic … Digitize and Secure Your Past, Present and Future!

The Document Connexion offers services and products to help transform business processes through digitization and digital life cycle management of information, enabling businesses to grow through digital channels.

The Electronic Communication and Transactions (ECT) Act, 2002, deals with the removal of legal barriers to electronic transacting

Click here for more information on the ECT Act.

In case you’re wondering if electronic documents are legally acceptable in court, the answer is Yes! The ECT Act encourages the use of electronic (digital) format and communication, and considers paper-based documents and electronic documents equivalent. However, best practice must be followed at all times.


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