Cloud storage is where electronic documents, files and data are stored. It is normally hosted by a reliable hosting service provider. Such solution makes this a feasible option for businesses who cannot afford to manage and maintain their own onsite technology resources and infrastructure.

A cloud storage solution allows users instant access to information as well as enabling users to share information with others quickly, easily and securely. Storing documents digitally saves space and money, plus there is password protection and encryption, allowing you to store your documents and files safely and securely. You can also access your documents and files from anywhere using a web-based browser with an internet connection.

By streamlining your manual processes you can manage your paper-based (hard copy) documents and files electronically (digitally). Transitioning from paper-based (hard copy) documents to electronic (digital) files, allows you to store your information, documents, files and records in one central electronic filing cabinet (repository), enabling shared access to and automation of information. All you need is a cloud storage electronic document management system (EDMS) to do this.

The difference between an efficient business and one that is caught up in administrative inefficiencies is about properly storing and managing your documents.

Don’t delay … improve your document and records management … streamline your manual paper-based processes now!

Not only is a cloud storage solution affordable, but it’s a must for all businesses … a solution well worth considering!

cloud document management


It’s the perfect solution for businesses whose employees are based in different regions, out in the field (site) or who need to work from home, requiring access to business documents and files instantaneously, using any device (e.g. smartphone, table, computer, etc.) in order to continue operating efficiently and timeously.

Not only will implementation of an online EDMS increase productivity and efficiency, but it ticks all the boxes in terms of compliance!


Our online electronic document management system (EDMS) provides secure online document management for any business.

Our system is easy to use; offering easy access to stored information and being able to find information quickly from any location using a web browser with an internet connection. Documents and files can easily be added to the EDMS by uploading or dragging and dropping them from your computer. The system provides intelligent indexing, enabling adequate metadata for each document or file that is captured in the EDMS. Not only will you improve your document and records management, but you will always have a backup of your paper-based copies at all times.

More importantly, it’s a single repository for the online storage of all documents and files in one centralized place. This means that all other information from various other systems can be migrated and combined into this one single repository. No more content silos hampering the flow and use of information … the EDMS makes the overall integration of information possible, i.e. your enterprise-wide “corporate memory”. This ensures that you now only use one single repository to store, process, search and retrieve information!


Access to up-to-date information wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and web browser to access the system.

A secure environment to store electronic files and data, that is encrypted to help keep information safe.

An alternative and affordable option for businesses to manage their information without incurring the expense and maintenance of an in-house electronic file management system.

Easily collaborate and share electronic documents and files online with other users.

Information can be viewed by more than one person at any given time.

For businesses who are still deciding whether an online electronic document management system (EDMS) will make a difference to their business, it’s worth considering these benefits
cloud storage benefits

Comprehensive training and ongoing support is provided to ensure efficient records management for your document management journey.

Keeping you informed and up-to-date with the latest technology developments.

Integration with multiple software systems is possible b.m.o. an application programming interface (API).

Your information is available and accessible 24/7 and 365 days on any device.


Access is restricted to only those users who need to view or edit a document or file with password protected access.

Tracks all user activity on documents  and files.

Save documents and files to folders with inherent metadata.

Can automatically direct information to the right user(s).

Ensures that users only work on the most recent version of a document or file.

Made possible through keyword, wildcard and advanced search functionality.

System can store any type of document or file, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email, PDF, etc.

Automatically add and classify emails to your on-line document management system on send to Outlook

Solution provides an electronic audit trail for your document and records management with secure access at user level. The system is stored on secure South African based server(s), with password protected access…. the solution ticks all the boxes for compliance.

Accessible immediately via the web utilizing a standard web browser, with no upfront costs for hardware or software installation.

Our online document management solution is the perfect solution for businesses whose employees are based in different regions, out in the field or need to work from home, AND, who need to access their information, documents and files immediately using any device in order to continue operating efficiently and in a timely manner.

One single storage repository allows for the migration of information from various other systems to be combined into one single repository!


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