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Our experience and expertise covers the full spectrum of document management and records management throughout business delivery as well as a project’s life cycle, managing paper documents and electronic documents, efficiently and effectively

How We Can Help You

Helping Businesses Meet The Challenges Of Maintaining A Compliant Document Management And Records Management Programme

Creating structure, enabling information sharing and introducing ways to manage your documents as efficiently as possible in your business

Assessment & Analysis

We conduct a document and records management needs assessment and gap analysis on your information environment to determine the status quo, addressing both paper and electronic documents.

Policies & Procedures

We review, design, develop and implement policies, plans and procedures for the document and records management solution that is aligned to your business objectives, that will streamline operations and processes, enabling good information governance and internal controls.

Records Retention

We conduct a records inventory, match your records to a retention schedule, clean out records beyond approved retention periods and prepare records for archiving, disposal and transfer.


We provide document management professionals to manage and control your documents on your premises.

Email Management

We analyze and provide best practice regarding email management.

Electronic Filing Systems

We assist in the evaluation and selection of electronic filing management systems that store, find, share and secure your documents...perfect for regulatory compliance!


We train users accountable for managing your documents in the correct utilization of the tools and methodologies of the document and records management system.

Document Formatting

We help you present polished, professional looking documents, checking and correcting all page elements in your documents.

Document Migration

We move information confined to legacy systems over to modern-day enterprise filing management solutions, getting your documents under control and into a well-managed environment.

Documentation Life Cycle Management

We manage the flow and control of documentation throughout its life cycle - from creation, registration, numbering, review, approval, distribution, storage, retrieval and change control, through to close out, handover, archive and disposal.

ISO Audits

We help navigate clients through to compliance and assist with the implementation of ISO standard requirements to fulfill internal and external audit needs, by developing your internal plan, conducting the 1st (internal) and 2nd (supplier) party audits, and can assist with selection of an appropriate certification body.

Key Benefits Of Our Services

Our Solutions Deliver Clear Benefits To Better Manage and Control Information

Information is managed uniformly across the enterprise, there is better control of information and greater compliance with regulations.

More efficient search capabilities are available, the time required to find important information is reduced, and, physical storage space is reduced.

Unifying information silos provides greater accessibility to data.

Information is better organized and controlled with a common operational framework automating manual processes for greater efficiency.

Increased access to accurate and up-to-date information whilst maintaining security rights.

No Matter What Type Of Industry You’re In, The More You Streamline Your Processes, The Easier It Will Be To Run Your Business

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