Whether you use paper-based (hard copy) documents, electronic or both, we can help you implement a suitable document and records management solution for your business.

We help businesses migrate from paper-based documents to a cloud storage online electronic document management system (EDMS), ensuring the highest level of access management for every business document and file. Our EDMS is particularly effective for businesses with various offices that have different levels of user access requirements.

For businesses struggling to figure out what to do with their information and how to organize it so that they can use it effectively in their everyday business, and always have access to their information, look no further … The Document Connexion is a one-stop-shop for all businesses wanting to convert from paper-based documents to electronic (digital) format. We provide a range of outsourced paper-based and electronic services. And, we tick all the boxes in terms of compliance.

We can assess your document management requirements to help save you time and reduce costs. We can also help you to better manage your business’ information and make some real efficiencies, such as protecting your information, automating manual processes, reducing overhead costs, going paper-less and saving time.

Our comprehensive line of document management services include:

  • Document Storage – for storage of paper-based document and electronic (digital) documents and files;
  • Document Scanning – for converting paper-based documents to electronic (digital) files to reduce physical storage costs and increase accessibility to information
  • Document Destruction – for confidential shredding of paper documents that have reached their required retention period(s), and (or) destroying documents that have been imported into a cloud storage electronic document management system (EDMS)
  • Cloud Storage – for online storage, instant access, sharing, workflow, intelligent data capture and processing of information made possible over the internet
  • Document Processing – for classifying, indexing, capturing and uploading of documents to an EDMS, we do it for you
  • eDiscovery – allowing quick and easy access to data for firms involved in investigations, litigations and disputes
  • Consulting Services – business support services for document and records management requirements, review and automation of existing paper processes, document management outsourcing, system design, implementation, support and training to help you on your document management journey

Our goal is to help you manage your business documents and records more efficiently and effectively so that you are able to be compliant with the laws and regulations of your industry.

We provide the solutions for managing information. 

Contact Us today to get started on your journey to document management for your business.

Document Storage

Store your paper-based documents in our secure state-of-the-art offsite storage facility

Document Destruction

Giving you peace of mind that your documents are shredded in a confidential and compliant manner

Document Scanning

Improve business efficiency by transforming your paper-based documents into searchable PDF documents

Cloud Storage

Access your digitized documents and files anytime, anywhere with any device, online and offline

Consulting Services

Helping you to plan, customize and configure your document management solutions

Whether you’re looking for offsite and online document storage, scanning and shredding services, or if you’re wanting to streamline your processes to wanting to transition from a paper-based environment to an electronic (digital) environment utilizing cloud storage solutions, we can help you every step of the way.


Quality Hands-On Service
Affordable Pricing
ISO Compliant
Trusted Service Provider

From consulting to system proposals, to system design, implementation and training, we project manage and support you throughout the entire process.

We become an extension of your office … with 30 years’ experience in document management, records management and document control, we are your go-to-service provider.

We understand current business processes as well as document and records management … we are here to help you figure it all out. You can rest assured your documents and records are in very capable hands. 

Our processes are compliant with the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems requirements
  • ISO 15489 – Information and Documentation – Records Management
  • ISO 15801 – Electronic Imaging – Information Stored Electronically

We can help you to manage your business documents more efficiently. 

No job is too big or too small … we tackle them all!


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