Managing business documents and records is one of the least prioritized and overlooked tasks in many businesses.

How many businesses realize that keeping documents and records organized within their organization will actually help streamline the workflow of their business? The ideal solution is Document Storage as this forms the basis towards managing information in a business and also keeps your documents and files organized.

There are various options when it comes to managing and storing your documents and files, such as offsite storage, onsite storage, paper-based (hard copy) or electronic (digital) files. Using an offsite document storage provider takes care of the details and eases the burden of non-stop storage and records retention tasks associated with managing documents and files effectively and efficiently.

Whether you have paper-based (hard copy) or electronic (digital files), both systems require effective management and organization … all information about a business is stored in its files.

“Business records contain information that is a valuable resource and an important business asset. A systematic approach to managing business records is essential for organizations and society to protect and preserve business records as evidence of actions. A records management system results in a source of information about business activities that can support subsequent activities and business decisions, as well as ensuring accountability to present and future stakeholders”. (ISO 15489-1:2001)

There are also various reasons why business related records need to be retained and maintained during the course of business, e.g. regulatory, legal, business, reference, historical, governance and assurance purposes. It is therefore important that a secure and trustworthy solution is utilized for the secure storage of documents and files.


We will help ease your burden of the mundane administrative tasks associated with managing documents by doing it for you … thus, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our goal is to help you organize your information effectively and efficiently so that it is more accessible, always secure and protected at all times.
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The Document Connexion (Pty) Ltd offers two solutions:

  • Offsite document storage for the storage of paper-based (hard copy) documents and files; and
  • Online archive document management system for electronic access to archived documents and files.

Both solutions allow you to remain in complete control of your documents and files at all times, from anywhere, at any time!


Document storage … the foundation for information storage in a business, and, when implemented properly will ensure documents are secure, protected and easily accessible at all times!


At our offsite document storage facility your documents and files are securely managed throughout their life cycle, and fully controlled with managed document destruction dates. It takes the headache out of storing documents on your premises, allowing you to move your paper-based documents out of your office so that you can save on office space and achieve improved security.

Our document storage service starts with us collecting document archive storage boxes from you, checking them into our system and then storing them in our secure document storage facility. The boxes are checked to ensure that there are no missing boxes or files, and that there is no damp or infested documents or files. Subsequently, we index the document archive storage boxes’ content, to ensure rapid and easy retrieval of your documents and files, and then despatch the boxes to our storage facility for secure storage.

offsite document storage
offsite document storage
offsite document storage
offsite document storage


We monitor the retention period of your documents, notify you when documents are ready for destruction and arrange for the disposal of your documents that have reached their required retention period (ensuring POPI compliance) … Saving you on document storage, and ensuring that you don’t pay longer or more for document storage than you should!


Two options are available for the retrieval of paper-based (hard copy) documents and files:

  • Scan-on-demand (electronic document requests) – we retrieve the information, scan it and then return the electronic (digital) files within 3 to 4 hours of initial request (T’s&C’s apply).
  • Paper-based documents & files (paper document requests) – we retrieve the information within 24 to 48 hours and then deliver the document storage box(es) to your office (T’s&C’s apply).



All necessary security measures are in place.

Organized documents means employees find what they’re looking for a lot faster.

Free up office space by moving documents offsite or storing them electronically.

Extremely competitive and affordable rates.


For clients looking to outsource their document archive storage, we offer an online archive document management system


This cloud storage system allows clients the flexibility to manage document archives stored offsite, request document retrievals, see what documents are stored in the system, view an audit trail of any physical activity on documents and it provides notifications for document archives due for destruction, ensuring POPI compliance. Our system provides you with online access allowing you to remain completely in control of your documents, and, access to your information is always at your fingertips.

We also have an onsite document scanning bureau, which allows us to scan (convert) paper-based archived documents and files to electronic (digital) format. We can return these to you once the documents have been scanned, or we can store these paper-based archived documents and files in our secure offsite document storage facility.


Once your documents have been scanned, indexed and uploaded to our online archive document management system, searching and retrieving documents is quick and easy.

online archive management


Our system allows you to access your documents at any time, using a personal username and password to retrieve, view, download and print documents. The system is permission based, controlling users who are allowed to have access to your documents and files in the system, There’s also a full audit history of who has accessed your files and when files have been accessed.


Paper documents scanned to electronic (digital) format allows you to have desktop access to your information immediately.

Clients are notified when documents reach their required retention periods.

Access your archives whenever and remain in control of your documents.

Documents converted once to electronic format, means using the information multiple times over, making sharing online convenient, quick and easy.

Shows all activity on your documents and files.

Online statement of documents in storage available upon completion of check-in of all documents and files.

You can rest assured your documents and records are in very capable hands.
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