The Document Connexion (Pty) Ltd specializes in all aspects of document and records management. We are uniquely positioned to advise on best practice processes for your business, that can help reduce costs and save time to enable effective records management for your document management journey.

From consulting to system proposals, to system design, implementation and training, we project manage and support you throughout the entire process.

Since there is no one standard solution, we help create a custom solution to meet the needs of your business. We offer a comprehensive line of consulting services listed below.

We become an extension of your office … with 30 years’ experience in document management, records management and document control, we are your go-to-service provider.

We understand current business processes as well as document and records management … we are here to help you figure it all out. You can rest assured your documents and records are in very capable hands.

ISO Standards


Our processes are compliant with the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems Requirements
  • ISO 15489 – Information and Documentation – Records Management
  • ISO 15801 – Electronic Imaging – Information Stored Electronically


We assess existing paper-based processes, provide solutions to automate and digitize processes utilizing online document management solutions to capture, workflow, distribute, archive and disposal of documents and records to help reduce costs and save time.

We capture and analyse existing paper-based processes to transition to digital processes to help reduce costs and save time.

We help businesses with data capture and processing, document scanning and archive storage (online and physical).

We conduct audits on your paper and electronic (digital) environment.

We help with moves and purges of your documents and files.

We help plan and implement your records management programme:

  • Records Management Policy (i.e. defined rules covering all aspects of records management and storage);
  • Records Classification System (i.e. ensuring record types and file taxonomies are developed correctly) a logical arrangement for documentation providing evidence of an organization’s business functions and associated activities;
  • File Plan (i.e. framework within which the documents and records will be effectively managed) a hierarchical structure of folders within a file system which provides a clear location for capturing records;
  • Retention Schedule (i.e. ensure that records are retained for exactly the correct amount of time);
  • Integration Procedures (i.e. procedures developed to integrate records management into all applicable business systems).

We provide the means to managing the creation, approval, issue, distribution, maintenance, use, storage, security, close out, handover, archiving and disposal of documents and records, i.e. providing a single co-ordination point for the management, processing and control of documents and records through document management and control.

We manage the flow and control of documentation throughout its life cycle – i.e. from creation, registration, numbering, review, approval, distribution, storage, retrieval and change control, through to close out, handover, archive and disposal.

We help navigate clients through to compliance, assist with the implementation of ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 to fulfill internal and external audit needs, develop your internal plan, conduct 1st (internal) and 2nd (supplier) party audits, gap audits, assist with selection of an appropriate certification body as well as provide assistance during certification and client audits.

We assist in the evaluation and selection of electronic filing management systems that allow you to store, find, share and secure your documents in one central repository…perfect for regulatory compliance!

We create and offer website design packages ideal for small medium enterprises (SME) and growing business.

We analyze and provide best practice regarding email management.

We help present polished, professional looking documents, checking and correcting all page elements in your documents.

We help move information confined to legacy systems over to modern-day enterprise filing management solutions, getting your documents under control and into a well-managed environment.

We provide document management professionals to manage and control your documents on your premises.

We train users accountable for managing your documents in the correct utilization of the tools and methodologies of the document and records management system in a compliant and cost effective manner.

We have a wealth of experience working with a range of businesses in a variety of industries.

We can help you find a customized solution for your document and records management needs.


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