All industries use paper and most have bottlenecks when it comes to their paper-based documents. The reasons for some of these bottlenecks could be as a result of having to keep paper-based documents for the required retention times, or possibly retained beyond their required retention periods, or there could be paper-intensive processes in place. This paperwork grows exponentially with every new employee, partner, customer, supplier, etc. and before you know it, paper is jammed in filing cabinets, lever arch files, drawers, filing racks, and the like. When faced with a scenario like this, then know it’s time to better manage your documents … that’s how offsite and online document storage, document scanning and conversion as well as cloud storage document management solutions become the backbone in a business.

If you’re in an industry that has numerous types of paper-based or electronic (digital) documents and files that need to be managed, tracked, accessed and retrieved regularly, we can serve them all. We are in a unique position with proven experience in managing the life cycle of documents, across a wide range of industries on mega and major enterprise wide projects, at programme and project level in the public, private and business sectors. Whether big or small, we handle them all!

Here’s a list of the industries that we help so that they can manage their documents effectively and efficiently.

We are here to serve you, regardless of the industry you work in.

We cover the full spectrum of document management and records management throughout business delivery. Our services support all processes required for the management of paper-based and electronic documents and records.

We will help you, regardless of the industry your business is in!


As every company has its own specific needs, industries should be about focusing on their day-to-day business, and not about their paperwork.

Below is a guide of some of the ways to eliminate the need to rely on paper-based files and how to maximize the efficiency of processes to manage documents in the industries.

We have a thorough understanding of the importance of the different types of documents and records created, scanning and converting (digitizing) them, storage and access requirements, retention periods and secure destruction, as well as designing and implementing integrated solutions to meet the needs of the business environment.

With extensive years’ experience in document and records management, we know how to successfully control and manage important business information, your documents and records.

Helping you to stay compliant with the laws and regulations of industry whilst aiming for cost-effective document storage and document management solutions.

No matter what type of industry you’re in, the more you streamline your processes, the easier it will be to run your business.


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